Aksoy International Trading


Aksoy International Trading, established in 1983 under Enak name, is involved in foreign trade and supply services with a special focus on the Middle East (especially Iraq), Caspian and Central Asian markets.

Aksoy International, together with its controlled Iraq-based subsidiary Aksoy Iraq Company, is the Macro Distributor of Gazpromneft and G-Energy lubricants as well as Johnson Control car batteries (Varta and Energizer brands) in Iraq.

Aksoy International has a wide network of distributors and wholesalers in Iraq; a total of 37 wholesale points nationwide, of which 7 are Branches (in Erbil, Sulaymaniah, Bagdad, Basra, Kirkuk, Musel and Aldewanya) directly managed by Aksoy International, and 30 are Exclusive Agents/Distributors.

Aksoy International has its own transportation fleet dedicated to free-of-charge distribution of products to every city of operation.

Aksoy International has a very strong logistics infrastructure in Iraq; a total of 11 indoor warehouses with a total size of 8,200 m2; 4 in Zakho and 1 in each of Erbil, Kirkuk, Musel, Suleymaniye, Aldewanya, Bagdad and Basra.


Date of Establishment: 1983

  • ERDAL AKSOY 55.00%
  • AKSOY HOLDING 40.00%
  • EROL AKSOY 0.10%