CEO's Message

Dear Visitor,

Leaving one more year behind us, Aksoy Ventures unceasingly continued its investments in all its operating sectors with a confidence in Turkey’s future.

2019 came with unpredictable events all over the world including Turkey and the regions Aksoy Ventures operates in. Due to the heightened protective policies, globalisation have become remarkably problematic. In an environment where the risks and opportunites are intertwined, we worked intensively to achieve all objectives that were set with vigilant and strong-willed approach.

It is our belief that we will begin to recieve the fruits of our new investments in parallel with the re-growth of our economy as we maintain to add value to our country through working alike in 2020.

Aksoy Ventures continues to operate in 3 sectors; (1) Oil & Energy, (2) Tourism & Real Estate, and (3) International Trade.

- As Shell & Turcas Petrol, we remain our leading position in fuel retail & lubricants industry with 1,100 stations nationwide, terminals and Derince Lubricant and Grease Production Facility.

- Profit growth and supervision of technical excellence will remain to be in the forefront at our highly efficient 800 MW Denizli Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant through our JV on conventional energy, RWE & Turcas.

- 18 MW Turcas Kuyucak (Aydın) Geothermal Plant successfully maintains its operations based on local & renewable source including 7 production and 3 reinjection wells in total. We aim to boost the capacity utilization through new investments in wells.

- We have substantially completed the construction phase of Epique Island, located in Bodrum, the most sought-after travel destination of Turkey. With first residents occupancy having started in 2019, all contruction including landscaping works will be 100% completed by the end of Q2 2020. Our project has so far employed more than 7,000 people. Being one of the most prestigious property developments of Turkey, Epique Island will lend an impetus to the tourism & real estate sectors through its location, architectural features as well as providing top-notch service concept and lifestyle.

- Playing a host to its guests at the heart of Istanbul with a flawless service approach, Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus continued to be recognized with brand new awards in 2019. Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus won “Europe's Leading City Hotel” and “Turkey's Leading Conference Hotel” awards in 2019 at World Travel Awards that is known for rewarding excellent hotels in USA, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

- Aksoy Middle East, our JV company owned by Aksoy International and Deyari Group, continues to extend its operations. Thanks to its well-established partnership structure, logistics and distribution infrastructure, Aksoy Middle East which operates at more than 10 countries in Middle East and North Africa, takes firm steps forward to become the leading lubricants distributor in the MENA region by growing together with the Shell, Gazpromneft, G-Energy and Rosneft brands and most recently by adding the Hyundai Oilbank and Aminol brands to its enlarging portfolio.

Today, we are aware that financial sustainability may not be merely sufficient for companies. Hence we pay regard to environmental and social impacts of all our services and operations. Aksoy Ventures strongly believes that sustainable energy, efficient use of natural resources, waste minimization and recycling are our crucial responsibilities towards posterity.

On the other hand, we continue to make contribution to society through social responsibility projects on education, culture and art. In order to bring Aksoy Ventures to future, aligned with the changing needs of developing world, we keep adding value to all sectors that we operate in through our 42 years of experience, financial power, dignity, human resources as well as our business approach based on excellence, assiduity, integrity and ethical values.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks on behalf of the Board of Directors to all our stakeholders and colleagues who trustfully accompanied us along our journey that aspires to make necessary investments for our country through geneating innovative ideas and reinvesting our profit.

Respectfully yours,

CEO & Vice Chairman