Human Resources Policy

Human Resources management of Aksoy Holding aims to develop, adopt and sustainably implement innovative and target oriented human resource practices that support the long term investment strategies of the Company and create value for all stakeholders.

Committed to valuing human capital and employee satisfaction as the key to success, Aksoy Holding aims to:

i.) add manpower with appropriate knowhow and competency into its structure;

ii.) support the personal and professional development of its staff in an ongoing mannerand

iii.) develop a corporate culture based on high quality standards and efficiency where personnel who have different viewpoints cooperate and create value.In order to achieve corporate targets, the Company embraces the core values that the business is based on, and which it will maintain, develop and pass on to future generations, while aware of its responsibility to society and in compliance with the Company’s code of conduct.

The Company pays attention to diversity among its workforce and potential candidates without discriminating on the basis of race, color, faith, ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, marital status, age or disability.

Aksoy Holding aims to create a rewarding environment that encourages proactive working at all levels of the organization, while building a high performance team. With target based management and performance assessment, the Company plans and conducts its employees’ career and competency development.

In addition to wages paid in conformity with applicable laws and regulations, the Company also provides the following side benefits:

  • Paid leave
  • Health insurance
  • Marriage benefits
  • Food and transportation

Human Resources Implementations

Employee Assistance Program

The Company offers services in the following areas as part of the “Employee Assistance Program:

  • Psychological Counseling
  • Legal Guidance
  • Crisis/Critical Situation Management
  • Social Life and General Information Services

The Company also organizes healthy lifestyle seminars for the employees, which we believe will benefit them in their professional as well as in their private lives.

Internal Communication Group

“Synergistic Actions”

An Internal Communication Group, under the Synergistic Actions corporate identity, was set up to conduct activities that support the corporate culture, increase communication between staff members, boost employee motivation and loyalty to the Company, strengthen teamwork, and ensure productivity in workflows. The Internal Communication Group, which started operating in 2014 and staffed from among employees with the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to help form and develop relevant projects, is made up of one Group Leader and four members. The Synergistic Actions Team includes a democratically-elected Employee Representative with the purpose of collecting employees’ expectations and sharing them with the team.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

The Company conducts the “Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey” in order to bolster the corporate structure and achieve sustainable success, understanding the importance of identifying staff needs, expectations and elements that increase their motivation.

The Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey is structured to reveal the possible factors that impede and/or increase the workforce’s contentment and job satisfaction; the attitudes and value judgments pertaining to work; and the corporate culture. Investigation into employee satisfaction and the Company culture is carried out in order to contribute to the management and organization’s development. Strategies, aims, roles, talents, policies, and procedures (but not individuals) are evaluated in the research.

The results uncovered by the research help determine the necessary steps and priorities to increase employees’ job satisfaction, foster loyalty to the Company, and boost motivation levels. Survey results also aid in creating development plans and putting them into operation.

Our Workforce

With its shareholders, direct & indirect subsidiaries, Aksoy Holding employs ca. 2,000 personnel directly.

Remuneration, Compensation and Collective Bargaining Agreements

Aksoy Holding embraces the following principles in remuneration policy management:

  • Being fair
  • Being transparent
  • Basing remuneration on measurable and balanced performance targets
  • Encouraging sustainable success by rewarding its employees
  • Complying with the Company strategies, long-term targets and effective risk management principles.