Within our Group Companies work without compromising measures and practices regarding Occupational Health and Safety, and manage the practices as the most critical processes of its business.

In line with the “Human-centered sustainable growth principle” which is the basis of its business strategy, we commit to:

  • Conduct an effective risk assessment in order to minimize potential work accident risks by identifying the dangers of unsafe situations and behaviors,
  • Take the necessary measures to eliminate the risks of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, to maintain a safe working environment and to achieve “Zero Serious Injury Accident” target,
  • In order to ensure continuous development, Turcas commits to investigate and report the root causes of any health and safety risks, communicate and consult with its employees, provide resources, and monitor performance improvement through inspections and audits,
  • Implement practices and contribute to its employees, subcontractors, suppliers, visitors, etc. development in order to act in compliance with the procedures, communiqués and instructions regarding legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Improve its Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the principle of continuous improvement by consulting its employees.