The Johns Hopkins University – Engagement with Academia

Batu Aksoy is a 1998 Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, a renowned educational and research institution that has consistently achieved academic excellence worldwide. Mr. Aksoy has, for many years, made contributions to the education of young people, post-education career planning, and the advancement of science by maintaining close relationships and engagement with academia, serving on various boards and/or advisory councils of his school.

As of 2020, Mr. Aksoy has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) of The Johns Hopkins University and continues to contribute to alumni gatherings and university support programs, thereby enlightening the path for the development of future leaders and the success of future generations. Prior to his role at the WSE Board, Mr. Aksoy served as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council at The Carey Business School of The Johns Hopkins University from 2015 to 2020.

As Aksoy Holding, we will continue to support young talents in shaping their careers and to make sustainable contributions to education believing in the power of science and education.

Koç University Anatolian Scholarship Program

We always take social expectations into consideration and act in manner that is beneficial to society. Therefore, in line with the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to continue our support in “Quality Education” which is also one of the most important subject in our country.

Koç University’s Anatolian Scholarship Program is designed to offer affordability and provide greater access to high quality education in Turkey. Launched in 2011, the Program is specifically intended to reach out to successful students from economically disadvantaged families in the developing provinces of Turkey. Within this program; as of the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year, we started to provide full scholarship to 2 successful students. An Industrial Engineering student became the first Turcas Scholarship Student to complete her education in 2019. The other student completed double major at Electrical Engineering + Economy and graduated in 2020.

Istanbul Technical University Alumni Association - Scholarship Fund

Under the Turcas Scholarship Fund, established in association with the ITU Alumni Association, monthly scholarship educational support has been provided to 10 students every year since the 2017-2018 academic year.

First Chance Program – Esas Sosyal

Turcas Petrol is among the corporate supporters of the First Chance Program (Şevket Sabancı Vizyonuyla İlk Fırsat in Turkish) which is designed by Esas Social, the social investment unit of Esas Holding to raise awareness about equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in youth employment.

Within the scope of the program developed by Esas Social as a solution model for youth employment, new university graduates from lesser-known universities gain experience by working in full-time positions and salaried for 12 months within their NGO’s. Being a part of the ecosystem since 2021, Turcas supports young people while also contributing to mentoring program, interviews and awareness studies.

Road Safety

Road safety is one of Shell’s top priorities. Sharing the company’s expertise in road safety with society is one of its top priorities. Through its support of the World Health Organization’s “Decade of Action for Road Safety” program, the Company has helped reach more than 246,000 people in the last six years by providing training in road safety and the “There Are No Small Mistakes in Traffic” program. As a sponsor of the Radyo Trafik (a radio station), the Company has provided traffic safety tips and critical reminders to listeners on a regular basis for the last four years.

Technology can only help reduce accidents to a limited extent since most accidents are caused by human error. Therefore, it is crucial to address the human factor and to raise awareness of traffic issues among young people. Through the “There Are No Small Mistakes in Traffic” project, which is being coordinated with Istanbul Commerce University and the Ministry of National Education, children will be able to develop as individuals who understand traffic rules, can apply them, and take responsibility for their actions.

The program provides an entertaining and instructive theatre performance to explain traffic rules and asks young participants to check if the adults in their families and around them are following them. Students who complete their checklists and leave them at the stations receive amazing gifts. Furthermore, they can reinforce their learning by downloading a free mobile game from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to their smartphones or tablets.

As we believe that all accidents can be prevented and that “Zero Accidents” are possible, it is extremely important that everyone obeys traffic rules, and that we educate our children about safety at an early age to ensure our country’s safety journey continues and road accidents are prevented. ‘There Are No Small Mistakes in Traffic’ contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals’ “Sustainable Cities and Communities” goal, which focuses on making cities more sustainable and safer.