Blocks for Hope Project

Turcas Petrol is among the institutional supporters of the ‘Blocks for Hope’ project, which was built for earthquake victims on the campus of Mustafa Kemal University in Hatay with the support of the JAV and volunteer businessmen. In the medium term, the project will offer housing, education, psychological support, sports, entrepreneurship support and vocational trainings to citizens affected by the earthquake. In the long term, this project will be used as a dormitory for university students. We will continue to act with a sense of responsibility toward our society & environment and also actively participating in valuable projects.

DEIK Yaşam Kenti Project

Turcas Petrol has made a container donation to the DEIK Yaşam Kenti project initiated by the Foreign Economic Relations Board in the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş after the earthquake that affected 11 provinces on February 6, 2023. This project, consisting of 1,000 containers built to meet the housing needs of our citizens affected by the earthquake, was completed within 3 months. We will continue to contribute to projects that create benefits and develop new initiatives with an awareness of our responsibility towards the society we live in.