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Turcas Petrol Awarded With “Board Of Directors Reinforced By Women – 2013”

November 14, 2013, Istanbul – Turcas Petrol A.Ş., has included another award in its portfolio, while ranking first in energy market thanks its 82-year experience.

Turcas Petrol is awarded with “Board of Directors Reinforced by Women – 2013” first organized in 2013 by “Sabancı University Corporate Management Forum” by ranking first in “Board of Directors Reinforced by Women Index”.

Ranked first in “Board of Directors Index” among Istanbul Stock Market – BIST listed companies; Turcas Petrol is awarded with the relevant prize of “Independent Women Board Directors Project- 2013”.

Set out for the motto of “More Women in Board of Directors for Decision Quality”, for the purpose of presence of more women directors, Independent Women Board Directors Project aims reinforcing the women’s positions in Board of Directors to increase the effectiveness of Board of Directors.

The process of award is based on the presence of the women directors in the boards of the companies; in particular their independent position and respective scores are assigned according their population and degree of independence. During the assessment process, Turcas Petrol is awarded as ranking first in the branches of “Board of Directors Reinforced by Women“as well as “Weighted Index of Board of Directors Reinforced by Women”.

Turcas Petrol was presented with the award during the ceremony was held during “1st Women Directors Conference” held on Conrad Hotel on November 14, 2013. The brilliant women board members of Turcas Petrol, including Ayşe Botan Berker, Banu Aksoy and Neslihan Tonbul, participated to the ceremony.

Congratulating women board members who played prime role in Turcas Petrol’s performance, Erdal Aksoy, Chairman of Turcas Board of Directors, said: “The success Turcas Petrol achieved in the energy market where our company is engaged for more than 80 years, the leading role has been by our women board members, with their innovative visions. I express my acknowledgements to our women board members on behalf of Turcas Petrol Family, who have promoted to our company beyond our objectives for the sustainable corporate operations. I do believe with all my heart that our performance will increase further, which is quite evident when we see the performance of our women board members who enabled us such a significant award.”


Ayşe Botan Berker is graduated from Department of Business Administration, METU. She then completed her graduate study on economics in University of Delaware and doctorate on finance in University of Marmara. Upon long-term senior management positions for Central Bank of Turkey, she was Fitch Ratings’ General Director in Turkey during 1999 and 2012. Botan Berker also teaches finance in University of Bahçeşehir and University of Marmara.

Banu Aksoy is graduated from Department of Business Administration, Koç University. She studied finance at University of California, Berkeley. Following her career at Department of Business Development, Conoco Eurasia for power projects in Caspian Sea, during 1998 – 2000, Aksoy is board member of Turcas Petrol and its affiliates since 2005.

Neslihan Tonbul is graduate oft Department of Economy and Policy of University of Rutgers. She then concluded her graduate study on the law at Fletcher School of University of Tufts. Neslihan Tonbul’s firs career was for Bloomingdale Corp, followed by her works for Irving Trust, New York Mellon Bank, Luxury Brands Consultant and 212 VC Partners companies. Neslihan Tonbul is proficient in English, French and Azeri languages. She is marked with her active participations in various civil society initiatives.